Yadaworks can offer you the complete service from CAD design to machined, surface finished, assembled, packaged and labelled ready to sell. 

Are you over loaded with mechanical design work?
Do you need design help with a project to get it to market faster?
Do you need some manufacturing drawings?
If you have an idea and are too busy to turn it in to something

We can do this for you.We can make  mechanical work easier for you.

with over 15 years of experience making a wide range of products for industries ranging from subsea to audio, medical and laser, our vast knowledge could help with your designs; the aim being to ensure your product is cost effective to manufacture, designing cost out at this key stage; making you more competitive and hence more profitable.

We have designed and helped our customers with products ranging from electronic housings to fishing reels and turntables to zone two computer housings for oil rigs. With our wealth of experience and knowledge on how to machine efficiently we can help take cost out of your design and get your projects to market faster.

CNC turning, milling and Free CAD services available. Start from an idea, picture, sketch or sample, Creating 2D drawing and 3D model with dimension and tolerances needed and lets see what you have, CNC prototyping or 3D printing sample for testing, Shifting into small-lot or mass production.

Written by Yadaworks