Custom Panels(6)

Quickly make custom front panels, control panels, interface panels and more by aluminum, steel, brass, acrylic and other materials available, including any hardware, fasteners or accessories that you require.

Of course, we can make round or chamfered edges and corners with special tools

Yes! The elements of front panels usually include text, logo and other signs, We have used screen printing, laser marking or engraving to ensure the desired appearance of the graphic for the front panel is obtained.
Screen printing is recommended to be used for designs of up to four colours. This can include but is not limited to: phrases, simple graphic designs and logos. This method is especially beneficial for bulk orders
For clean lines and maximum precision, laser marking is the perfect & cost-effective solution.

We usually take 2nd time of processing on the panels after anodizing, this method adds a little cost, but the front panel can obtain the effect PERFECT image while ensuring good conductivity, The method is accurate and requires good quality control in the way of two times of processing.

We can offer and install PEM® studs and standoffs from PennEngineering permanently in thin metal assemblies to provide strong and reusable threads for mating hardware while preserving a smooth and unmarred appearance on the side of the sheet opposite installation.

Custom Enclosures & Housings(4)

We manufacture custom enclosures & housings, mounting hardware, and miscellaneous components. We start from your design, and usually build them in 7-21 days, depending on its complexity.

Yadaworks offer three different enclosure & housings solutions that can all be customized to meet your individual requirements, including: machined from solid block; or formed from sheet metal; or use a combination of extrusions, sheet metal top and bottom, and custom machined panels.

Hybrid enclosure is a combination process of extrusions, sheet metal top and bottom, and custom machined panels and body. Extrusion, Sheet metal and CNC machining processes have unique strengths and weaknesses attributed to both. The machined body made of blocks can provide durable and long-lasting housing. while, you can save your money through using extrusions and sheet metal.without wasted time, materials or labor, driving costs down in the process.

An electronics enclosure often needs a cooling capacity as well. Integrating the heatsink into the enclosure is not a problem for us there. We can make heatsink enclosures by milling exactly according to you specifications.