Surface Finishing(4)

Surface finishing is a term that refers to the process used to alter a metal’s surface by adding, removing or reshaping. The goal is to protect the metal and improve the aesthetic side.The result depends on the metal finishing method. Often, there are a few different ways to achieve the same or similar results.

For example, metal finishing that involves a coat of paint can be done through anodizing, powder coating or wet painting. The results are similar but not the same.

  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Elimination of surface defects
  • Increased resistance to chemicals
  • Improved conductivity and added surface electrical conduction
  • Increased strength and resistance to wear while the friction effects are minimised
  • Enhanced aesthetics

Clearly, surface finishing brings along some great qualities. And this list is not comprehensive, it only includes the most common reasons for applying a surface finish.

Surface finishes fall into two different categories:

Adding Processes: There are quite a few method that fall under this category. painting, powder coating, anodizing, plating, etc. are all adding processes.

Removing Processes: include Electropolishing, laser engraving, etching, grinding, blasting, brushing, Polishing, etc.

There could be processes that may seem the best option for your specific application. However, some of the most complex processes may require tools and equipment that may cause you to go over your budget. Please contact us and Make sure your decision is cost-effective.