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How to Achieve Nice Looking Anodization and Nicer Conductivity

For lots of  parts, especially those for industrial instruments, medical devices and consumer products, anodizing is a must-be work on the engineering drawing if it is made of aluminum.

The basic purpose of anodizing is to play the role of beautification and decoration on the external view and color of  worked parts, also to cover processing marks, small wounds and so on; the other purpose is functional, through a dense layer of oxide film, to enhance the workpiece with hardness, corrosion, insulation and other functions.

After anodizing, the part is insulated by the oxide film. However, in many cases, the customer will require the workpiece to maintain good electrical conductivity. In this case, there are three general solutions:

a. Part of the area is covered from anodizing. This method has low operation cost, but the workpiece looks not enough NICE, especially the area without oxide layer.

b. Reprocessing threaded holes after anodizing and conducting through the threaded holes.but in  some scenario there is no room for holes.

c. Do 2nd time of processing on the workpiece after anodizing, this method adds a little cost, but the workpiece can obtain the effect PERFECT image while ensuring good conductivity, The method is accurate and requires good quality control in the way of two times of processing, otherwise it will easily cause the work piece to be scrapped. .

Yadaworks pursues for the production of precise size and PERFECT appearance. We have been adopting the last and the best method.
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