No min.order and you can order from 1 dollar / 1 piece.

We absolutely offer manufacturing in low to medium volume production needs. Our blanket order system gives you volume pricing, without the risk and expense of carrying inventory. Just place an order for your estimated yearly requirement, and then request releases in smaller quantities, as needed. You'll free up storage space and cash flow. Please contact us for Yadaworks' Zero Inventory Program.

To guarantee mutual interest, official production drawings and production quantity in compliance with national standard are required by our Company to make offers. Requirements including materials standard, surface treatment, heat treatment and hardness must be indicated in drawings. In case of complicated requirements, attachments can be submitted. If customers fail to provide production drawings, we can prepare such drawings for you provided that the prepared ones must be approved by customers.

Once the drawings are confirmed, we will make quotation within 24 hours.

We are to ship goods within 3 weeks after receiving down payment. Under special situation, the shipment might be postponed by one week.

Self-delivery by customers and transport to designated location are accepted by our company. We will arrange maritime transport, air transport, car transport and parcel express in accordance with cargo volume and agreed delivery instrument. Our company has established long-term cooperative relationship with UPS, FEDEX and DHL.

Our parts are provided with three-layer transport package to protect surface, corners of parts and avoid missing. Hence the parts shall be free from insufficient quantity except for deliberate discard by transport carrier.

According to our system, customers will receive email notification automatically in case of any change of order state

Drawings can be modified before process setup of order. However, once proceeding to manufacture stage, the revised drawings can be used for follow-up order only. To modify drawings, customers can visit our website http://www.yadaworks.com and select engineering change after login to view all drawings. Select drawing(s) to be revised and then click engineering change button to upload new drawings.

Order can be cancelled before order review. Once proceeding to process stage, it cannot be cancelled any more.

If there is a problem with the product, please contact us right away. We will replace, at no cost, any enclosures or parts not manufactured in accordance with client-approved dawings.