It depends on the geometry of the enclosure or part. The main limitations are 1100mm x 650mm x 580mm limitation imposed by our CNC machining center.

It all depends on the design. With CNC machining, we have made very small parts, as small as 3 x 1.5 mm. We recommend contacting us about your design so that we can discuss it.

Sure! our Standard tolerance is +/- 0.10mm, and we are able to hold +/- 0.005mm for reamed holes, we indeed can help you.

We do our utmost to fulfill the commitment of “no bad parts!” Therefore, except for damages caused by transport or customers, we accept return and exchange of goods. Customers only need to provide relevant information via email so as to launch return procedure. We will take immediate action after customers submit relevant information.

We can build many different kinds of enclosures, including rackmount, U-Shape, L-Shape, machined enclosures and other custom enclosures. View our Custom Enclosures page for full details.